Commercial Cleaning Services


Offering general cleaning for all areas within a school. From entranceways to classrooms and cafeterias, we offer it all. Chalkboard and whiteboard cleaning is a must for the end of the school year so your can return in September to a fresh start! We also offer floor maintenance such as sweeping, mopping and waxing the floors to increase shine. Reducing the spread of germs and dust is our number one priority to keeping children safe!

We also offer additional school cleaning services such as:

  • Sanitation of areas such as playground, classrooms, library, offices, auditorium, etc.
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Sweep of parking lot
  • Dusting of classrooms, etc.
  • Window cleaning

We offer hallway cleaning services specialized in specific floor types, such as hardwood floors, carpet and tile. The tools used to clean floors take time and effort and we guarantee that your floors will look better than before.

Janitorial Cleaning

Let us take care of your unwanted janitorial cleaning. We offer the cleaning and disinfecting of bathrooms along with services tidying up the designated area. We service and clean restrooms making them look and smell clean and fresh. Dusting, polishing, scrubbing are just some of the tasks we perform. In addition to cleaning, we empty trash, arrange equipment and keep track of supplies, in order to keep everything in order.


Need a fresh cleaning of the office? We offer services that will leave your office smelling like spring! A clean office environment leads to better performance. Dusting, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting are just some of the tasks performed to improve the office atmosphere.

Maintenance (this deals with regular cleaning w/ buildings, etc.)

We offer all maintenance work dealing with regular building cleaning. Performing and documenting weekly or monthly cleaning tasks and responsibilities. We provide special cleaning tasks and projects including the following: performing touches ups, taking out the trash, dusting and cleaning furniture, etc.

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Commercial Cleaning Checklist

  • Sanitation of areas

  • Carpet shampooing

  • Sweep of parking lot

  • Dusting of classrooms

  • Window cleaning

  • Hardwood floors, carpet and tile.

  • Janitorial cleaning

  • Dusting, vacuuming, mopping and disinfecting tasks



Very efficient and organized. David and his team came in, did the testing, answered all my questions.
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